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Popeye breton shirt - Bubblegum with Cherry stripes - Size 1

Boat neck sweater made of recycled cotton (65% Cotton 20% Polyester 15% Other fibers), made and packaged in Italy, in Le Marche region. Sleeves can be cuffed up but they have been stopped with a small hand stitch to fix it, but it can be unstitched and adjusted according to your preferences and measurements. The length is at the waist and the bottom is...
Bloom Sweater - Baby Pink -...
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Bloom Sweater - Baby Pink - Size 1

Sweater made of 100% Shetland wool; Manufactured and packaged in Marche, Italy; The flower features are also made of 100% Shetland wool, cut and sawn by hand; Sleeves can be cuffed up and the end of the sweater is straight so it can be tucked in or left out.
Bubble Cardi - Currant with...
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Bubble Cardi - Currant with mustard polkadots - Size 1

Cardi made in 100% wool in Italy, in Le Marche region. it has a polka dots tubular jacquard, so inside it creates a cute reverse effect. Style is wide and short at the waist, the shoulder is dropped for a comfortable and caring fit, it can be used both as a jacket to go out in spring and autumn, but also layered as a cardigan in cold seasons.
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